soap and glory review

Soap & Glory is a brand that seems to be gaining a lot of attention lately with their savvy packaging, sweet scents, and great affordability. Along with inexpensive products, Soap & Glory can be found in basically every drug store, which is why I felt so inclined to try a few of their most popular products!


One of the first products by Soap & Glory that I tried was the Sugar Crush Body Lotion. As someone with dry skin, I am always looking for a great new body moisturizer. The Sugar Crush Body Lotion gets a most definite 10/10 on the smell. It has a fruity scent and is perfect for the summertime! What makes this lotion so moisturizing is six skin conditioning oils and kiwi waterjuice. You only need to use about one or two pumps and that’s enough to lather up and moisturize.

soap and glory review

I also got to try out the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash and like the lotion, I love the scent! The consistency is very thick and foamy,, making it easier to lather. It feels so creamy when you are washing and makes you really feel like your skin is getting a good clean! As mentioned, my skin is dry so I tend to get a little worried about body washes, since they can often irritate or dry out my skin even more. BUT, this body wash leaves my skin refreshed and hydrated. Along with all the great ingredients and the way it feels on the skin, can we talk about packaging? LOVE! Soap & Glory has really outdone themselves with the look of their brand.

soap and glory sugar crush fragrance

To complete my Soap & Glory spa day, I finished off by testing 2 Soap & Glory Body Sprays. The first being the Sugar Crush Body Spray. Sometimes scents can stray off of what the body lotion and body wash smell like, but this body spray stays true to the Sugar Crush line scent. The best way to describe this body spray would be, like a fresh and energizing “pick me up” kind of smell. It’s definitely not like perfume, so it does take a few more sprays to get your desired amount of scent. No complaining here because you guessed it! It smells amazing. I am loving the sweet lime and vanilla musk vibe and this little bottle is the perfect addition to every handbag when you need a splash of smelly goodness during your day. I can’t ignore the price point either, for this little bottle of goodness is only $10! Next, I tried the Smoothie Star Body Spray. This body spray is the perfect transition into the fall season or a simple, everyday scent, with soothing warm notes of sweet almond, coconut, and even a little cupcake-ish. Again, you’ll probably be a repeat sprayer, since this isn’t as strong as a normal perfume.


Overall, I am so impressed with this Sugar Crush line by Soap & Glory and also the Smoothie Star Body Spray. Both scents are so delicious and wearable, they’re for sure a summer “must-have.”  It’s so easy to grab and get ahold of products since the brand is cheap and can be found at most Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I only have tried these products so far. I was gifted more products but because they are for oily skin, they are not suitable for me to try and review on them for you guys.


Please note: All items in this post were gifted to me by LexPR, however opinions are my own.

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