ruchy skincare review

Living in Canada, I often struggle with dry skin. Ruchy Skin Care products have been invaluable in making my dry skin feel smooth, soft and hydrated. Ruchy is an independently-owned Canadian company. Ruchy uses only 100% natural ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.


Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the Ruchy Sugar Scrub. I deal with keratosis pilaris, which causes raised bumps on the skin. Ruchy’s Sugar Scrub is ah-mazing. I use it three times a week. Not only does it exfoliate my skin, helping to clear up my keratosis pilaris, but it also leaves my skin feeling fully hydrated. I love this product!!


Ruchy’s all-natural Moisturizing Face Serum is another wonderful product. You can choose from Bergamont Serum for oily and combination skin or Juniper and Lavender Serum for normal and dry skin. The Moisturizing Face Serum is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves skin feeling hydrated and nourished, with a natural and naturally beautiful glow.


Oil cleansers for the face are quite popular, and the Ruchy Oil Cleanser is a 100% natural alternative to the oil cleansers you may find at local retail outlets. Although I have only used it a few times, I did find it to have a thick texture. It seems to leave behind a residue that works to continue to nourish the skin even after the oil has been rinsed away.


Overall, I adore Ruchy’s products. They make my skin feel wonderful. I also love the fact that they are all-natural and locally produced. If you’ve been looking for natural product, I would highly recommend you go ahead and give them a try.


Disclaimer: Ruchy Skincare products were sent to me, but as always, opinions are my own.

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