The moment I stepped into East Tea Can in Mississauga, I was taken aback by all of the intricate details inside the restaurant. I was invited by @hungryhiba to a blogger lunch on August 26th. The owner explained that the restaurant was decorated like traditional homes in Iraq. From the mosaic brick oven to the colourful art, it was clear the amount of time and love that has gone into creating this beautiful space. A large table full of picture perfect food awaited and I could not have been more excited to learn about each flawlessly presented dishes.


East Tea Can is a new forward thinking Middle Eastern restaurant, combining flavors from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, Turkey; a sort of Middle Eastern, hipster fusion is how it was best described. Based on the array of fantastic looking foods, I could already tell there were some creative geniuses in the kitchen. Fattoush, kebbeh, and bulger lined the table which had been set for us but what immediately caught my eye was the hummus selection. Traditional baba ganoush was served alongside beet root hummus and edamame hummus, all of which were garnished with delicate edible flowers. While each was delightful, the edamame hummus was one of the most flavorful dishes I have ever tried. Paired with authentic, homemade Iranian bread, this hummus alone is worth the trip to East Tea Can.


After the apps were served to us, we ordered our main dish. I ordered a Shish Tawook and my friend got a chicken shawarma, both of which were delivered in plentiful portions for their price. The tender, flavourful chicken shawarma had been cooked on charcoal and had a rich taste that was complimented perfectly by the grilled vegetables. The layers of spices and flavors of each dish made me want to try more! While I did not get a chance to try Kunafeh or Halawet Jazar, two desserts that caught my eye, I will certainly be back to East Tea Can. Reasonably priced, fantastically flavored and picturesque food awaits you at this great new restaurant.


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