abaya-outfit Ramadan-abaya-outfit Ramadan-abaya-outfit abaya-outfit Ramadan-abaya-outfit abaya-outfit abaya-outfitabaya-outfit

Happy Ramadan! For all my non-muslim viewers, RamadanĀ is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan is an extremely blessed month for us. We fast from sunrise to sunset, that means no eating and drinking for the whole day. Currently the duration of fast in Canada is approximately 17 hours! That is loooong.

A lot of people have asked me, why do you fast? (Surprisingly!! I thought everyone knew(?))

It is a holy month where we re-evaluate our lives under the islamic guidance. Strengthen our ties with our religion, our family and friends and refrain from bad habits and have clean thoughts. The reason we do not eat is a reminder for us, who are poor and homelessĀ and cannot meet their basic. Fasting is not just physical but our whole body and soul is dedicated. I am no pro – this is the simplest way I have put it.

Living in Canada it is very very hard to do that. Being used to the Middle East (after living there almost 8 years of my life) it was much easier to “enjoy” this blessed month. Yes, enjoy because the atmosphere and environment is great.

So back to the outfit. I actually really enjoy wearing Abaya’s, when I lived in Kuwait, I preferred wearing an abaya compared to regular clothes. I feel so comfortable, confident and sophisticated in an Abaya. Abaya’s come in different colours and designs but I think black is classic, with beautiful embroidery. It’s actually interesting to see how they vary from different countries. Abaya’s worn in the UAE are more modest compared to Abaya’s in Kuwait. When I’d go out in Kuwait, my Abaya would be closed all the way (so I can wear pjs under lol) but I found my mom’s Abaya, that I am wearing in this picture which has an amazing design on the sleeves and open from the front that gives more of a modest look.

A lot of my inspiration of my outfits come from living in the Middle East..I hold a little part in me that wants to go back there:)

I hope you all have a beautiful month and enjoy my a little traditional post.

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