I have been trying to write this blog post for quite long but I have been so occupied I had no time to sit and think what I want to say about this product.

So after getting my hair ombre’d last year, I started to notice the ends getting worse. I absolutely hate when someone points out saying – “you could use some product in your hair.” WOW – so rude eh? When their hair is actually straightened the shit out.

Well, I do take care of my hair a lot. Occasionally, I do oil them using castor oil and olive oil. In addition, using heat protective prior to straighteners and curling wands. Ever since my hair grew out, I barely have any time to do anything. With full-time work I could careless. I tried to keep my hair as natural as possible. I didn’t mind it being naturally on my shoulders.

I was watching NikkiTutorials and she highly recommended this product  Brigeo Don’t Despair. You never find anything these youtubers recommend in Canada. And when I discovered that Sephora online had this product in Canada, I ordered it right away!

How I use it: After applying my John Frieda Anti Frizz Shampoo – I applied this product on mostly the ends and very subtly on the skull of my hair.  I put on a hair mask on and continued my shower. I know it suggests to sit under a steamer, but I have very little patience for that. I kept it on for 4 minutes or so (2 songs? haha)

You have to keep in mind, this is an “all natural” product. And 90% of the products I use are actually filled with chemicals. So the feeling you get of instant improvement, shine and softness is actually temporary and fake. So I was hoping this product to provide natural moisture and improvement.

I have naturally thick , wavy and frizzy hair. After it dried my hair felt very smooth, clean, it has a subtle scent because it is all natural. Combing was a breeze. Over couple washes I really felt my frizz was under control. My ends were looking crazy because of chemicals and hot tools usage. Using this product, even after the first time, I felt that was completely gone, my ends look so so healthy!! No split ends, no dry-weird hair shapes at the end!

If you constantly use products, chemicals, heat to your hair – Do yourself and your hair a favor – add this to your routine!

Buy it from Sephora: Here


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