How excited were you for the collection? I definitely had my alarm set for 7:30am on September 14, 2014 the moment I found out Altuzarra will be collaborating. I called in advance to make sure something was coming at the store. I was in for the Trench coat!! And yes, I did find it. Luckily, they were only 10 people in my store!

Price in CAD: $89.99


Disappointed at the length – I am no shorty, about 5’3 and this is hitting just below my knee. If I have a black umbrella on me I’d definitely look like I am hitting a funeral! #SorrynotSorry. I still did buy it and I am thinking about how I can style it to make it look shorter (heels, maybe?) I do think it should’ve been at least 3 – 4 inches smaller for an average women. Unless, long trench coats are coming in fashion?

Not everything hit my location, which was announced before. Limited pieces will be available at all locations.


There are some comments about how the material of the long black dress is very cheap. It’s all made in China you can’t expect more by paying only $69.99 for it. I love this dress though. I am not sure if it even ┬ácame in a size 2 because I was the first person there and I only saw size 4. Surprisingly I did fit in a size 4 perfectly (which was like wth?) I am a true size 2. I didn’t purchase it because I wanted a shorter length dress which can be versatile.

The purple dress: HORRIFIC – bad quality, probably the worse. Looks too strange! The worst item.

The blue shirt was sexy though! That’s definitely a buy! The last outfit was not in my store.

Joseph Altuzarra for Target Collaboration 2014 accessories belts and shoes boots

I fell in love with the booties. They are high, yes but super comfortable! And I was lucky to find 1 pair of size 6.5 for $59.99 thats a really classy shoe! The long boots are very long (lol)


I did purchase this dress. It doesn’t look too appealing on the rack, but it really compliments different skin tones and is a great color for the fall. This is about $45.00


These first two items from the image above were available at my location. But I really felt the quality of the the sweater was terrible. It looked so cheap. Even the embroidery threads were sticking out. The dress in the middle is gorgeous! I couldn’t find my size but I would’ve definitely tried it. I hope someone comes back to return the other trench coat! If you have it lets swap I have a feeling I might like that one better…

This is my personal opinion and review about the Altuzarra Collection for Target. It is a unique collection so I am glad I got some good pieces!

Check my personal instagram to see how I style my purchases.


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